Patricia DeMarco Ph.D.

"Live in harmony with nature."


“In these times of ecological and social crises, it’s easy to lose our way, to become heartbroken and discouraged. In these inspiring and intimate essays, Patty DeMarco’s footsteps and those of Rachel Carson show us a path forward. May the examples of these world-changing women engender the next generation of Rachel Carsons we so desperately need.”

— Lou Leonard, Dean of the Falk School of Sustainability, Chatham University


Your latest book is a tour de force.  Not only did it inspire and re-energize me, as one who is wide open to its messages, I am confident it will resonate with people who do not have our same deep appreciation and understanding of science and nature.  

Ultimately, humanity either will or won’t achieve the level of agreement needed in order to make the political, social, and economic changes needed to ensure its own (and the living Earth’s) survival.  But, you have written guidebooks for success and righteous progress, if only the current and future generations will follow them.

Rachel Carson left her indelible footprints on a generation; you truly have followed in her footsteps, and you have blazed a bright new path for us leading to sustainability.  Here’s hoping future generations will read your books (and Rachel Carson’s, too) and see that there truly is a fork in the road ahead.

I hope your messages serve as intellectual and spiritual speed bumps for all who read them, because (as you well know) if we are not careful, we will surely miss our chance to take that different path, speeding ahead like we are on the already much-too-much-traveled road we’re on. 

Congratulations on publishing your book… thank you very much for writing it.  Thank you for all that you do.  

Bob Mulvihill, National Aviary


Comment from Elisa Beth Haransky- Beck:
Patty DeMarco, a modern day Rachel Carson is in our midst. And the world is better because of her. Her boundless enthusiasm and knowledge about the interconnectedness of the natural world shines brightly in her most recent book, In the footsteps of Rachel Carson. Beginning with her multi-dimensional experiential childhood, we take a journey through the complexity of her life currents…so very connected to the web of life. You will learn about yourself and your connection to Mother Earth through her stories. Read this gem—you’ll laugh out loud while crying in the in-between decimated green spaces so lovingly described. Thank you Patty for dedicating your life to serving humanity as a deep-green goddess of goodness and brilliance.

With gratitude,

ElisaBe 🐝 Sustainable Monroeville, Founder;, Co-Founder

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What Readers are saying about Pathways

“This book serves as an outstanding guide to successful public and private partnerships that can lead these efforts going forward.”

Mayor William Peduto, City of Pittsburgh

“Your book really gave us a message of empowerment and hope for the future. Thank you for writing it, and thank you for sharing your knowledge, insights, and your call to “preserve the living earth” with the world.”

Suzanne Watters, Sustainable Sewickley
Adjunct Professor at Robert Morris University

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The author gratefully acknowledges support of The Pittsburgh Foundation W. Clyde and Ida Mae Thurman Fund, hosted through Carnegie Mellon University, Institute for Green Sciences.

Patricia M. DeMarco, Ph.D.

I write from Pittsburgh, which  occupies ancestral lands of the Haudenosaunee, Lenape, Osage, and Shawnee peoples.

Join me in my journey to live in harmony with Nature, and transform our society to operate within its non-negotiable laws.