Patricia DeMarco Ph.D.

"Live in harmony with nature."



Patricia M.DeMarco,Ph.D.

demarcop6 [AT]

(412) 708-9277

 Contact me to schedule a presentation or workshop on:

I. Rachel Carson and Her Environmental Ethic

May include a screening of “The Power of One Voice: A 50 Year Perspective on the Life of Rachel Carson”

II. Pathways to Our Sustainable Future

1) Energy Transition from Fossil to Renewable Systems

2) Why Organic Agriculture Matters

3) Green Chemistry Solutions

4) Removing barriers to action on climate change and global pollution

5) Preserving the universal free services of the living Earth

6) Nature as a force for Healing- Preserving the sense of wonder in a distressed world

III. Moving from Awareness to Action

Moving from Awareness to Action- empowering local initiatives for sustainability. Interactive community workshop to explore how to build a transition to a sustainable community.  “Sustainability Pioneers” videos included.

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