Patricia DeMarco Ph.D.

"Live in harmony with nature."

In Memory of Our Citizen-Soldiers

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On this Memorial Day I think about the citizen soldiers of World War II, my Father especially, and the way being in the war shaped and changed his life. I was named for his last mission, PAT, one which left many of his people dead on the field. I know he mourned his men to the end of his days. I stand in awe and with respect to those who do what is not in their own nature for what they believe to be a higher cause. Those who fight for country and cause make a selfless sacrifice, whether they return from battle or not. In my time, I hope we can progress to more civilized negotiated resolutions to disputes.

As the conditions of our habitat become increasingly stressed, I hope we can see beyond the instinct to fight and conquer and seek resolution through collaboration, cooperation and negotiated solutions to the underlying problems. Moving to a fossil free economy and ceasing the poisoning of our life support system is our way forward. Building community wealth rather than corporate profits is the way forward. Respecting and preserving life in all its wondrous forms is the way forward.

To those who fought for freedom, I stand in respect. To those enjoying the fruits of that sacrifice, remember that freedom entails responsibility. Democracy is not a spectator sport. get involved with the governance of your town, your state, your nation. Hold those who represent you responsible for their actions.

You can read an account of the PAT Mission here:

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